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10 Skills Required in Every Blogger – Is Blogging For You? | OMG EUREKA

ask yourselfIt always feels good when you get to know that what ever information you are sharing with others are appreciated by them and your content is viewed by thousands of people and they are taking advantage of it. These all things makes you really feel good. But how this information should be available to others, this has to be well planned and a thorough study is required. I know that blogging is really a nice way to make your presence available at Internet but what are your targets, how long you are going to do that, what are your expectations and many other things are their which comes in mind before you start anything.

However, their are few important skills which every user who is interested in blogging should consider and analyze by asking these things to himself. if you want to make your content available on the web, blogging is not the only solution to it. There are other platforms available to you which you can use like forums, website etc
It depends what are your needs and how you want your information should be available to others. But to become a successful blogger, these 10 skills atleast should be available in a blogger.

1. The Biggest and The Most Important Skill For Bloggers – Writing Habbit
If you want to be a blogger or should i say a good blogger, then you should enjoy writing. Because blogs are required to be updated periodically. And for successful blogging, you have to write more than 1 article daily. If you don’t like writing, then blogging is not for you. You have to reply to your viewers emails, comments, tweets etc. Hence writing is the core thing of blogging which should be in your blood.

2. Objective / Goals Behind Blogging
Doing something without any kind of objective is not a right thing to do. You have to make up your mind that why you need a blog, what’s the purpose behind it and what are your goals which you want to achieve from it. Don’t make a temporary decision that you want to make a blog and later on you are not able to maintain it. It’s then just a total waste of time… Remember always what your Dad told you…..Time is Money.

3. Writing Is Ok But What About Communication Skills
Once you make a blog, you have open a channel to communicate with others, People will start interacting with you and they need response. To build a healthy viewership, you need to have a good communication skills. In order to promote your blog, you have to comment on the articles of other bloggers and have to be a part of the community. People should always find a good friend and a good guider in you. Reserved personalities are not going to like this thing but blogging needs interaction and lot of talking

4. Technicality
I know it doesn’t sounds good but it’s a fact. It’s not a core requirement to be an advance computer user or a technical user but you need those skills. It’s difficult to survive otherwise. Atleast you should motivate yourself and learn how to do these things (web development, a bit of coding stuff) To run a blog you have to do these things a lot. Don’t run away from it but take it as a challenge and make yourself a technical sound person by reading the articles about these things on Internet, Believe me it’s not that difficult and not so easy also. You just need to have guts in yourself.

5. Reading Skills
Beside writing a blog, another thing which is required in every blogger is a reading habit. Writing an article doesn’t take much time if you compare it with the reading of articles whole day long. You are really going to spend lot of time on Internet by reading different things and it’s required though. You just can’t escape. Reading is another must have thing to have in you.

6. Time Is Money
You really have to calculate the number of hours which you are ready to spare for blogging. Writing a blog, reading other articles, replying to the people, managing your blog etc etc etc really this list will never finish. There are hell of things which you really have to do and are required to do in order to make your blog a successful one. So are you ready to do all that? D you have enough time to spare?

7. Decision Making / Present Minded / Risk Taker
Are you a person who can take some bold decisions? Can you take the initiatives? Are you a double mind person? answer to these are very important. You have to be on your toes to take any kind of decision on time. At each stage of blogging you have to make your mind present. You have to analyze how to generate viewership, subscriber, money, affiliations etc and in the same time have to manage the blog, have to be creative, when the right times comes have to invest in your blog as well.

8. Patience
Ahh… this one is another a must have thing in every blogger. You need to have patience at every stage of blogging. Either you need to generate viewership, need money from blogging, need good results from your blog etc, You just have to wait for some time because you cannot achieve your goals from blogging at overnight. Most of the blogs are required lot of time to give you the required results.

9. Criticism
When you make yourself and your content publicly available then you should expect just everything from the readers. Not only the good words but some harsh, negative comments as well. You need to have an ability to accept those comments and take a positive approach to handle these things.

10. Hard Work
Last but not least, you really have to work hard to start your blog, to manage it and at every stage of blogging you really have to give your best. Blogging is not for lazy people at all. The bigger the objective or goals…. same amount of efforts are required.

These are the points which i think you really have to consider before starting your own blog. These points are not written to de-motivate any 1 of you incase you are lacking any of the above points. But these things are briefed in order to make you understand the seriousness of this subject and make you ready for a BIG THING

Last Words
Although their are many other points which you should consider as well, but i think that atleast for every beginner these skills are really very important. What do you thing about these points? Do you have any other important skill which a blogger must have it and which should be added to the list? Do give your suggestions and comments at below page

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