Sunday, January 09, 2011

Create and Share Galleries online with GalleryHosted

Create and Share Galleries online with GalleryHosted: "

GalleryHosted is a nice online service which allows you to upload images and create galleries online. It is a totally different and new kind of image hosting platform. Unlike regular image hosting website, it gives the opportunity to users to upload and share complete & browsable pictures gallery. The web hosted gallery provides you with thumbnails of images displayed to give a preview of the pictures. You can also link individually to pictures.


The upload is very simple and easy to use and support multiple image uploading, alternatively you can also use the URL uploader where you can specify the location where the image is available. But one of the most interesting option of GalleryHosted is that users can “Download” a complete uploaded gallery without any waiting time.

GalleryHosted Gallery

GalleryHosted have no limit whatsoever- No storage limit, no period limit and no bandwidth limit. GalleryHosted is completely free in all aspects and a nice service to try.

GalleryHosted Home Page

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