Sunday, January 09, 2011

Extend Search Engines for Searching Websites and File Formats

Extend Search Engines for Searching Websites and File Formats: "

Although search engines like Google and Yahoo have specific search formats to search a website or search based on file names, it might not be possible to remember all formats. Advanced Search is an useful add-on for Firefox which allows you to search websites or search based on a file format. Once you install the add-on, it adds options before the default search in Firefox. You can easily search for images, PDF, Docs, PPT, HTML, RSS, text, videos and maps.

Search Google using file format

It also adds an option to the context menu of Firefox for easily searching by selecting any text.

Search from context menu


  • Extends search functions of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ixquick and (if the corresponding search engine installed)

  • Selection between web site search or internet search.

  • Restrict your search for e. g. images, videos, documents or addresses (if the search engine support it).

  • Use of preferred browser language as long as search engine supports their language.

  • Search for highlighted text.

  • Reusing of opened tabs.

  • Use of HTTPS for “Google SSL beta” for increased security.

Download Advanced Search for Firefox

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