Sunday, January 09, 2011

Troubleshoot your PC with LookInMyPC

Troubleshoot your PC with LookInMyPC: "
Troubleshooting your PC is not a very easy job unless you are a geek, but with LookInMyPC, a freeware tool, you can easily generate a report of your PC in current state. The report includes in all hardware and also all installed software on your PC. This free application generates a complete system report with more than 40 areas of diagnostics. You can select the options for checking before actually running the test. The test takes only few minutes and you will be provided with a detailed report.

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The report is neatly created in an HTML file and categorized for easy access. It can also generate more specific reports like Registry Run Entries or Firewall Info. This tool can even give you data on Windows updates, recent System Restores, and the default email client. Another good feature of this app is that it allows you to email the complete report as a zip file, especially useful when you want to provide the system details to a technician.


LookInMyPC is also a great tool for diagnosing computer issues, especially if you’re troubleshooting an unfamiliar computer. LookInMyPC does not make any changes to your PC in any aspect, so your safely run this application to generate a report.

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