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5 Google Reader Themes for Sheer Awesomeness

5 Google Reader Themes for Sheer Awesomeness

Google Reader, the online feed viewer is one of the most used application from the Google factory. Unfortunately, it has only one default theme and there are no options to customize it with backgrounds and colors like in Gmail. However, there is ahidden easter egg, which changes your sidebar style. Officially Google doesn’t provide custom themes but you can use third party tools to beautify your GReader.
Let us look at 5 awesome Google Reader themes that will not only decorate but alsosimplify your reading experience and enhance the productive time spent.
Note: Since by default Google gives no themes, we will use third party addons and scripts that will work only for the machine they are installed. To use on other browsers/computers we will have to install them again.

1. Feedly – Do more in addition to styling

feedly style
Our first choice is Feedly which is actually a web app wrapper over Google Reader. In simple terms, Feedly not only prettify your Google reader but also provide bunch of additional features and widgets for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.
The favorable first position of this theme comes from the magazine like view that gives comfortable and fast reading experience. Essentially Feedly provides 4 views to choose namely: Titles and Summary, Titles Only, Grid and Entire Content Inlined.
Another pro for using feedly is the consistency across multiple devices. Feedly is available as an addon for firefox, Chrome, Safari browsers and for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. So no matter you are using cell phone or laptop, you will have similar experience everywhere.

2. Helvetireader – Anti-Social Minimalistic Theme

helvetireader Minimalistic Theme
If you hate the Google Reader cluttering then you will for sure love Helvetireader. It has a very plain, button free and distraction-less interface.
Though it is no longer being developed, its usability makes it second in our ranking. Perfect for those who just want to read the latest feed entries.

3. Lucidica – Bare and Tiny Theme

Lucidica – Bare and Tiny Theme
Lucida takes minimalism to a new level from Helvetireader. One of the best themes to simplify RSS feed reading.

4. Native Mac OS X Application Theme

Mac OS X Application Theme
Snow Leopard Style gives a look of Mac Application inside any internet browser. With multiple display preferences, this gray-blue style is truly customizable. Any Apple fan out here?

5. Pure Reader – Beautiful Hand Crafted Theme

pure-reader mac theme
Pure Reader theme has won many hearts with very beautiful table type layout style for Google Reader. With a mix of gray and black colors and spacious headers this style drastically improves readability.
Bonus : Avid chrome users should try this extension, which not only gives multiple themes options but also adds other useful features.

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