Thursday, August 18, 2011

Apple iPhone SLR Camera Lens Mount

Apple iPhone SLR Camera Lens Mount

Posted by Deepika singh on 08 Jul 2011 03:33 PM

Photojojo recently released an iPhone SLR Mount. Yes, if you happen to own Nikon or Canon DSLR and an Apple iPhone 3 or iPhone 4 we might have found an accessory that you can now pair your insanely expensive lens with your smartphone! Experts say you can't make good photos without decent glass. If that's the case, then Photojojo's iPhone SLR lens mount is the perfect solution to giving your smartphone new photographic powers.
The Photojojo iPhone SLR Mount is $190 for the iPhone 3 and $249 for the iPhone 4. Shipping starts at $2.50, but that is peanuts compared to the attention this will bring you when you pull this bad boy out at work or play. If you thought an iPhone 4 was a status symbol, this will most certainly bring you up to another level!

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